Today we live an era of technology. With the rapid progress in the field of technology, today IoT, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence have ingrained themselves in our daily lives.

The advent of these technologies in our lives also means that our vulnerability to various online and cyber threats has increased multifold. This makes security against cyber threats not just a luxury but a necessity in our lives today.

While there are some tools in the market that serves as your defence against cyber threats, most of them are expensive and thus not within the reach of majority of people out there. This project, on the other hand, consists of a completely free and simple tool to detect malicious urls/websites by using a combination of free tools and then using an unique scoring algorithm to determine if the input url is safe or not and then let’s users visit the website. Though made using free tools this project is sure to provide you security that is at par with any expensive tool on the market.


Mr Sohang Sengupta & Mr Rajarshi Lahiri